Brand - 2(X)IST

Pronounced as "Two-Exist", 2(X)IST is one of the leading underwear brands for men that was founded by Gregory Sovell in the year 1991. Headquartered in Manhattan, New York City, this popular American fashion label also offers men's t-shirts, vests, socks and watches along with the varying range of underwear and swimwear.

2(X)IST as a brand essentially emphasizes on quality over everything else and its sexy styles and designs compliment the male form in the very best ways! The brand treads with the aim to revolutionize the materials, fabrics and technology used in the niche industry and creates highly comfortable and stylish underwear that compliments the confidence of fashion-conscious, modern men. The wide collection of 2(X)IST underwear for men includes briefs, trunks, boxer briefs and thongs. In 2012, the brand released exclusive swimwear collection.

As a brand, 2(X)IST has been widely successful with its collections that include 2xist Essentials, 2xist Military, 2xist Touch, 2xist Form, Lift, and Tux. The wide range of styles are specially designed for men who appreciate innovative design, embrace modern style and are non inhibitive about vibrant colors and styles. One of the aspects that set apart 2(X)IST from its contemporaries is its eye-to-detail on the wearer's comfort! 2(X)IST underwear and swimwear are available in comfortable cuts and use highest quality cotton which make these underwear breathable and assure adequate comfort to the wearer.

It goes without saying, as far as men's undergarments are concerned, comfort is the ultimate thing. It is equally important to find the right fit of the underwear a man chooses and that is why 2(X)IST becomes the perfect choice men seeking ultimate comfort and style.

While choosing the right pair of 2(X)IST underwear, it is imperative to consider certain basic facts. For instance, the man who dedicates much time at office, 2(X)IST's "no-show trunk" will be the best option as these styles look great when worn under business suits at work and the loose-fit and no-show line of styling makes it comfortable for the wearer to sport it all day long. Men who prefer traditional pair of underwear, a white pair of men?s boxer briefs will rightly suit the bill. The boxer briefs will offer utmost comfort when worn underneath the jeans or shorts as it offers all-day comfort. Simple 2(X)IST briefs will be the right option for men who are sporty and active. Since briefs are more form-fitting, it stays in place even when the wearer is participating in rigorous physical activities.

With 2(X)IST, you can never run short of options. You can choose 2(X)IST "Essential" and "Modal" collections or opt for the more vibrant options through the trendy "Camo" collection. 2(X)IST's "Surf " underwear collection featuring beach inspired styles shall provide the ultimate comfort and its "Sliq" collection with cotton and spandex fabric will render more support to the package while enhancing the profile.

Today, 2(X)IST has become one of the most renowned brands and is best known for offering advanced contoured shapes underwear which guarantee superior comfort. It has evolved as one of the popular men's lifestyle brands that boast a style and fit for every single occasion. As 2(X)IST continues to evolve, we expect to get some new collection featuring innovative styles that would re-define men's underwear categories in every sense of the term.

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